Love Letters of Great Women

Valentine’s Day is upon us – more precisely in exactly 12 days. Saturday, February 14th – the day where red roses, boxes of chocolate, dinner reservations, wine/champagne consumption, and affectihepburn-tracy--aon for our significant other all increases by about 10 fold. Most of the things mentioned above are also usually completed by the male dominant figure in the relationship.

That being said, as I prepare for my own celebrations (if there is an opportunity to celebrate to begin with), I wanted to change to focus on an art that have long forgotten in the digital age. More specifically, the action of writing a hand written (paper and pen fully) letter to our loved ones. I for one, are an advocate of this art especially to those I treasure in my life. Whether that be a family member, friend, lover, a mentor, co-worker, boss; I firmly believe in the power of expressing your feelings through your own penmanship. For me personally, I just¬†completed my utterly cheesy/thoughtful Valentine’s Day card to a certain someone in my life. That person to me is a combination of a significant other and my best friend — where he chooses to align ultimately… only time will tell. I hope it always stays combined or steer towards first choice … perhaps a few years from now (fingers crossed!)

Back to the main point, I wanted to share a few of my own favorite love letters that I’ve come across over the years. They all come from the age where emails, two-day shipping, texting/selfies or instant messaging didnt exist. Its when paper and pen ruled (dont tell my work that hehe) and where we came to love TIME. Time between letters, the ephoto (1)xcitement of going to mailbox, the giddyness we’d get when someone professed their love. It’s the classics, its chivalry, it’s honest, its genuine, it’s true love and not a game. Feelings were genuine and expressed immaculately. No hiding behind a veil for the fear of coming off to weak, clingy or desperate. Raw feelings, raw desire, love that lasted more than 3 weeks before fear sank in.

Okay enough of my rant, to see a good and concise collection go to: Famous Love Letters.

I hope this inspires you all to write your own letter to a loved one.. via pen and paper and wholeheartedly. What’s the worst that can happen? They throw it away or disregard it? At least you acted genuinely which is all we can ask for in this world. You tried… you expressed… you acted Serendiptiously.