“DIX” Things I’m Grateful For — Part IV


What a week! Maritime Career Day, changes at work, doctor’s appointments, friends, Mother’s Day! Despite the tears, tiredness and an ever present cold, it was all worth it. Being busy, running around, being in the heart of mayhem, are things that make the weekend so much sweeter. With that, cheers to another crazy week! Let there be more laughter, more tears, and most importantly sweet memories!

(01) My 엄마 aka E’s 할머니! Happy Mother’s Day! Words cannot express how lucky I am that I was born as her daughter.

(02) E’s 할머니’s health. We’ve been blessed that her health has back in the clear!

(03) The enthusiasm and intelligence my interns Jareena & Alexa posses. They’re both so eager to learn and I’m so lucky that I can be part of that process!

(04) E’s laughter. There’s nothing more to say about this. The giggles, the smiles, the bursts of noise, all shows how quickly shes growing up.

(05) Stress. Despite its horrendous effects on my health, its the stimulus that pushes me to work hard and do well. Couldn’t live without it.

(06) My upcoming vacation! Long weekend in Vancouver, Canada and LasVegas here I come! Cant wait to just eat, sight see and relax with the people I care about.

(08) Wing Master’s in Ballard! The rumor that they have the best wings supposedly, is actually true. Helps that they had darts, and both the Mariners & hockey game at the same time.

(09) DDD accepting defeat/complete loss like a true gentleman. I totally beat him in darts, and this is the guy that apparently loses to no one 🙂 (except for me of course)!

(10) Being able to take two steps forward and none back. Slow progress is good progress so thank you.


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