Ten Things I’m Grateful For — Part II

Sunday evening… a mere 12 hours before another work week starts. King 5 is reporting the following 7-day forecast:

Rain and showers in the beginning but then we have bam SUN!!!

To keep motivated until the 65++ degree returns, the following TEN items will serve as my vitamin D supplement until the natural source returns 😀

1. Surprise introductions by DDD to his family!

2. E growing up like a weed (E’s sitting upright by herself now!)

3. DDD not asking to hang out Friday night because it prevented me from saying no and feeling guilty from it.

4. Seattle Spring Weather! FIVE non stop days of 60++ degree weather and warm rays from the sun. Vitamin D for the WIN!

5. Choosing to pause, think and calm down before I got legitimately upset and disappointed about a certain situation.

6. E’s Mom feeling comfortable to ask me me to babysit E on a future weekend in May.

7. LC’s spontaneity, spunk and thirst for adventure! Cant wait to spend Cinco de Mayo with her!

8. Weekday evening Starbucks coffee dates with E’s Grandma after work.

9. Glass’ kindness & thoughtfulness. Thanks for the yummy cupcake lovey XD

10. Olivia, my protector of the boogie man and midnight monsters as I sleep.

Bonus One for the week!

11. Wine dates with 지나씨 where laughter is the star, not the wine itself.



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