10 Things I’m Grateful For

ImagePicking at another mind besides our own, can truly be a blessing in disguise. Taking a step back and letting someone else do the talking, can provide immense clarity on things that seemed so cloudy before.

Through picking at Glass’ brain last weekend and my own 엄마’s this weekend I came to my own realization about life itself. That realization being life’s “little” blessings that I often to seem to ignore/take granted for. Both seemed to convey how grateful they are for life’s simplest objects. Hence my quest to find what made me thankful began.

Every Sunday for the next 10 weeks I will be posting TEN new things that I’m grateful for. By doing so I’m hoping it’ll do the following things

      1. Makes the Monday dread of going back to work seem a lot less miserable
      2. Teaches me to enjoy all aspects of existence, not just the big and obvious ones

List #1: The Weekend Edition

(1) E’s infectious laughter and smile

(2) Spontaneous walks/jogs around Green Lake

(3) Energetic and the most heart felt greetings from BCK

(4) Soy, Extra Hot, Green Tea Lattes & Almond Croissants

(5) Sunday morning breakfasts at Starbucks before working out

(6) The telepathy my 언니 and I share

(7) DDD’s desire to share his knowledge and discoveries with others (including me)

(8) Inside jokes between Glass and I that make us both burst out in laughter

(9) Receiving unexpected text messages

(10) Weekends in Seattle XD


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