A Course In You

My exact thoughts and feelings, through the words of another fellow blogger. Thank you Sarah Sheridan for portraying whats been on my mind.

Thought Catalog

I learned your profile by following you around with sideward glances, sly shifts of my eyes to one side or the other, trying to catch your shadow before you caught mine.

I learned your voice by standing back and listening, memorizing the way you exaggerate your vowels and patter around your consonants. I never even noticed your accent because it sounded like mine and it made me smile.

I learned your stubble by observing how tired you looked…less hours meant more shadow and I liked it that way, dark but inviting.

I learned the quiet simplicity of your hands by holding my breath every time you touched my arm, playfully squeezed my sides, or quickly touched the small of my back. I lived for those pauses in air and heartbeats.

I learned your favorite words by enticing them out of you. Being quiet for once in my talkative life and…

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